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为了回应一名同窗对新题public facility没有思绪的问题,我特地写了一片雅思白话新题public facility大众举措措施的话题。       

Recycling Bins: An Easy Way to Go Green       

Well, there are various modern facilities we can use in BJ. Such as the information kiosk(信息亭)in main streets,sports facilities in co妹妹unities. But today, I would like to mention a kind of necessary and green facilities, yes, they are the recycling bins which we can see everywhere in our cities.       

At the downstairs of my flat, there are three recycling bins, which have very bright colors, one is blue for paper, another is red for glass and plastic bottles and the other is for drink cans.       

And there is a very striking slogan on those recycling bins: Don’t dump it! Recycle it! And it really works when I found people really do so in response to this slogan.       

The main reason I chose to talk about them is they are very ordinary but play an indispensable role i搬家,n our daily life.       

Since we produce a large sum of waste on a daily basis, like paper, glass, plastic bottles, it is very essential for us to dispose them systematically. This will help cleaners work more efficiently when they segregate recyclable waste from non-recyclable ones.       

In my opinion, they are the real heroes for our cities who make our life better and cleaner. And we all know the environment we live is the most essential thing for us, without a good environment, I gu百家樂公式,ess we couldn’t develop our society, let alone the use of modern electric facilities. So , let`s better use these recycling bins, because this is an easy way to go green!       

以上就是新东方网雅思频道为大师收拾的雅思白话范文:public facility,很是适用。更多资讯、资料尽在新东方网雅思频道。最后,新东方网雅思频道预祝大师在雅思测验中获得好成就!

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